Visual summaries

What is the use of a visual summary? Well, when you are a visual thinker (beelddenker in Dutch), you will mostly memorise a picture better than words. But I also figured out that it helps me to process information, for example after a course I have followed or after a busy weekend with workshops. Other good moments to make visual summaries are the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Looking back and looking forward. What did I achieve and what do I want to achieve at the end of the coming year. Off course there are numerous other moments to think of, sad and happy.

With my visual summaries I also hope to inspire others to make their own visual summaries. In the busy lives we currently live, it provides a good moment to stand still.

Visual summary Out of office inspiration 2018
2019-03 Ubuntu – een kleinschalig event om het voorjaar in te luiden. Georganiseerd door Jeannette Medema en Gonnie Kleine.
2019-07: Deep Democaracy basic level

And here it is: The new summary of the ” Out of office inspiration event 2019″ on the beautiful island of Texel! 4 days of inspiration and mutual learning. The summary contains all the workshops which were offered (in the center the workshop which stroke me most).