The curse of the ideator

The curse of the ideator is a card set with tips for all creative folks (ideators) about how to stay on track and to realise the most important ideas.

Why would such a card set help you? Because it tries in a visual and creative manner to guide you in your main decisions or at moments when things are not going well when trying to realise an idea. These horrible moments “oh oh, I’m stuck. And another idea is lurking around the corner…. Should I really continue with this one?”

But let’s start at the beginning: What characterizes an ideator? The expression “ideator” was introduced by Puccio when developing his Foursight methodology to characterize different thinking preferences. The ideator is someone who prefers to diverge, to come up with new ideas. This is often what in common language is seen as someone who is creative. There are creative people who realise their full potential, but there are also lots of creative thinker, who get lost in yet another great idea and who never finish anything. And there is a good reason for it: To realise something, you also need to engage other thinking styles (the clarifier, the developer and the implementer). But as a true ideator, these will not have your personal preference. And something which does not match our preferences will cost energy. 

How can you use the cards to your benefit? Like any set of inspiration cards, take your current idea (or project) into account and just draw one card daily. Each card has a guidance questions and a picture. Use whatever you prefer to get further inspiration. Costs in terms of time? 5 min.

Yes, I am interested, how do I get the cards in physical form?
Drop me a mail: ( ).

Costs in terms of purchasing the cards? 17 Euro (printing costs are 15 Euro), excluding shipping costs (country dependent).

What can possibly go wrong? Like for all ideators, the span of interest will generally be short. Know yourself. I have collected a bunch of card games, inspiration cards and whatsoever to feed my creative soul. I am using them at the most unexpected moments, but I do not get them on a structured basis. If you know you purchase all kind of stuff and never use it again it is probably not worthwhile.

What is the background of the cards? In 2014 I got engaged in the training for Advanced applied creativity by COCD (Centrum voor de ontwikkeling van het creatief denken), Antwerp. Part of the training is to provide a final script abut a topic related to creativity. In the course of finding the right challenge, I have seriously started and worked on 3 challenges (do not ask me about the hours which ended up there….). None of them would make it to the end. Until I suddenly figured out that especially this point would be an interesting start for a good challenge. From 2015 to November 2016 I have been working on the script and the first version of the cards (in Dutch). In summer 2017 I have updated and refined the information and the first commercially printed cards became available (in English).