Sixinas – the 6 legged sheep

There is a saying in Dutch: When you look for a person who has many different qualities (which are hard to find in one single person), you are looking for a 5-legged sheep. Funny enough, 6-legged sheeps are wanted seldom. The picture of a 6-legged sheep is my symbol for creative people with a brought interest field. Often, these people are picture thinkers who simply do not fit the standard description.

When do picture thinkers run into problems? Well, for example when looking for a job. Simply because they know more, have a broader interest and do not fit into the current matrix of job descriptions. Meaning, finding the right spot requires more work than for normal ” sheep”. It is probably quite a puzzle….

So this is where Sixinas is dedicated to. This site is under construction, it will therefore take a while until more of Sixinas story can be revealed to the world. No reason to start crying though….