Waterfall and Agile projectmanagement – same same, but different?

Pure IT projects are currently executed through Agile project management, where specialists take quick decisions and where building and re-building of the software occurs. But each and every IT project has a component of change management – in the end all the end users must be capable to use the new IT solution. Is Agile really the way forward here?

Based on my recent experiences, the short answer is no. And as a consequence, all IT project will have a component of project management which is executed in a waterfall style. The reason? One of the big requirements for working Agile is 100 % resource availability. This is simply not the case in most non-IT oriented worlds.

So how does it come together? Primarily with lots of mutual understanding. Working with deadlines is also common in the waterfall methodology, so there is a common denominator. That not the deadline is moved but rather the quality (or completeness) of the solution is compromised is something new for waterfall driven solutions.

It remains a challenging ride for both sides!